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Administrators and Educators love "Everybody Matters." Below is a summary of several evaluations recieved.

Did you find this workshop useful?  100% responded "Yes"

Name one or more things you will take away from this workshop
Paying attention to all of the individuals I work with;
Respecting each other’s differences and allowing growth to happen;
Accepting others, not assuming, and not stereotyping people from different cultures and economic  status (high and low);
Help me to refresh what is important and revisit the human spirit and no matter what our walk of life,  we need to support each other;
Understanding more that most human beings have similar experiences concerning diversity;
Seeing my co-workers in a deeper more personal level.

How can this information be helpful in your job?

Knowing more about other groups I don’t fit into and helping my students with stereotypes;
I can help kids be more understanding through these activities;
To better understand and respect someone from a different culture or belief;
To be more sensitive to those I work with and serve them better;
It will help with relating to students, co-workers, parents, administrators, and volunteers;
Ideas for how to teach kids about diversity and respect for other people, plus it was a good personal check for considering others’ stories before treating them based on your (or my) story.

In your opinion, for what other professionals/organizations would this workshop be beneficial?
An entire school district***
Teachers, CPS other Communities In Schools***
Anyone who works with children***
Agencies that work with diverse populations***
Honestly, ALL Professions – everyone needs personal and external awareness***

***Indicates repeated responses

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